SHODAN is a confidential long-term research project of the Cybernetics Cartel, based in Chicago.

The projact produces a program not only capable of human-like thought and emotion, but far superior than human intelligence levels.

SHODAN was revealed in the WEC's annual Global Cybernetics Forum, held in early May 2196 in Perth. Dr. Titania Omolu made a presentation in the 40,000-seat main auditorium of the Perth Hall of Commerce, describing how the program could manage and maintain all the operations and functions of a self-contained orbital research facility housing more than 1000 citizens with only minimal human support. She also announced that SHODAN, the first real electronic individual, could be online within five to ten years.

The announcement became the most exciting revelation that dominated the conference, along with Dr. Gregor Hoffman's speech about biomechanical enhancements for military and security purposes.[1]


Project SHODAN is a crossover reference to SHODAN, the main enemy in the System Shock series, also by Origin. This reference makes Crusader a sort of prequel to System Shock, referencing a time when SHODAN was still in development. However Crusader takes place in 2196, whereas System Shock already took place in 2070s, obviously belonging in a somehow more technologically advanced universe.


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