Nickname Conformer
Type Projectile[1]
Physical/technical characteristics
Weight 3.1 k[1]
Range 20 m[1]
Rate of fire 2[1]
Other information
Ammo/beam type 13-gram breakaway teflon-coated shell with fragmented shrapnel.
Shells per clip 12[1]

SG-A1 Conformer is a Shotgun, a deadly anti-personnel weapon is standard issue for riot control forces and urban security units.[1][2][3]

Compared to other weapons, it has slow refire rate, but this is balanced by its damage potential. It carries 12 Teflon-coated shells per magazine and fires a 13-gram breakaway shell with fragmented shrapnel.[2][3][1] It is free from the hinged stock of earlier models, thanks to its smooth bore and chamber that feature an automatic load system.[3]

As with the RP-22, sportsmen and hunters have adopted this weapon for large game. Corporate and civilian marksmen must complete an 8-hour handling course. No permit is needed for military use.[3]

The AC-88 is an improved version.


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