Nickname Pacifist[1]
Type Projectile[1]
Physical/technical characteristics
Weight 2.4k[1]
Range 75m (single shot)/25m (autofire)[1]
Rate of fire 10/second[1]
Other information
Ammo/beam type .30[1]

The RP-32 Pacifist is a Semiautomatic Assault Rifle. It is the standard infantry weapon for all WEC military forces, used mainly by Soldiers and Storm Troopers[2]

It's constructed entirely of ballistic-grade plastics. It fires a frictionless, caseless .30 round (normally a 60-round magazine).[1]

The RP-32 is virtually identical to the RP-22, except that it fires in 3-round, rather than 2-round bursts.[3][4] This effectively increases the damage potential by 33%. This justifies that the RP-32 is slightly more expensive than the RP-22.[4]

It can be fitted with optical or electronic sights, which increases its effective range to about 200 meters. Standard options include shoulder sling and bipod-mount.[1]

The most notable feature is a magnetic feed system instead of the traditional belt-feed mechanism. It is estimated that free-loading ammunition will cut production costs by half and reduce jamming problems.[4]


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