Template:Item infobox This shield is worn in a web-harness or built into a rigid armor suit. It operates as a protective sphere of plasma that surrounds the wearer. It reduces the energy of ballistic projectiles more efficiently than the ionic shield, but also provides an effective reduction of the destructive potential of energy weapons.[1][2][3]

The battery pack contains a supercooling coil which cools the shield by several thousand degrees, thus eliminating the natural high heat intensity of the plasma gases. A small layer of inert gas between the clothing/armor and the plasma insulates the wearer from the plasma heat. The field is directed by a magnetic “wave” that emanates from two poles on either side of the harness or suit.[2]

R & D is currently working on an adjustable-intensity harness model, with the aim to become standard issue for all WEC personnel next fiscal year.[2]

It is effective against: AC-88, SG-A1, BA-40, BA-41, PA-21, PA-31, PL-1, RP-22 and RP-32.[2]


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