Nickname Adjudicator
Type Laser Rifle[1]
Physical/technical characteristics
Weight 2.22 k[1]
Range 50m[1]
Energy consumption 45PU[1]
Other information

The PA-31 Adjudicator is a Laser Rifle developed by the WEC an automatic version of the PA-21 laser sidearm, and is quickly replacing all of its predecessors.[2]

It uses the same designator sight system and battery pack and identical laser beam as the PA-21, but an advanced focusing chip for increased refire rate — the PA-31 can be fired approximately 5 times for every 3 shots from a PA-21.[2][3] Its intense and rapid-pulse varicolor laser beam is particularly effective against robots and ambulatory weapons platforms.[3][2] Despite its power, it leaves intact (and lootable) enemy bodies.[2]

Known as a "lightning rod", it is the standard arm of the Special Forces "lightning teams" during anti-armor missions, attacks on armored emplacements, and special missions.[2]. Outside these, at least one trooper in every infantry squad carries this weapon.[3][1] Soldiers and Storm Troopers carry this weapon.[4] As of 3 May 2194, all users must be trained and registered by the WEC in order to use a PA-31.[2]


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