Physical/technical characteristics
Hit Points 35 - 45[1]
Weapon BA-40 pistol[1]
Secondary Weapon BA-41 automatic pistol[1]
Skill Weak[1]
Other information
Appearances All[1]

MS-40 aka Roaming Susan is a general purpose maintenance/custodial servomech developed by the Security Cartel and Cybernetics Cartel. It is the oldest, and one of the most widespread security servomechs. The most common maintenance servomech, it can also be programmed to support (with optional hardware) a light weapon to be mounted for site defense.[2] Its programming is extremely basic and its light armament is inadequate to most terrorists.

It has an enhanced processor for personnel recognition and security programming, and an internally-mounted .40 pistol for site defense.

It is unsufficient as a defense for itself, but as component in an overall defensive strategy it can prove effective.

It uses a chemical battery.[3]

The MS-110 is a more advanced, humanoid version of the MS-40.


Roaming Susan is named after a certain Susan Williamson, who kept the ORIGIN building livable.


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