Physical/technical characteristics
Hit Points 200[1]
Weapon RP-32 rifle[1], .30 caliber defensive weapon[2]
Secondary Weapon PA-31 laser[1]
Skill Moderate [1]
Other information
Appearances 6 - 15[1]

MS-110 aka Android is a servomech, far more advanced, humanoid variation on the older MS-40. It is developed by the WEC Security Cartel and Cybernetics Cartel designed to combine the versatility and convenience of a general purpose maintenance model with defensive armament and advanced security programming.

It has an advanced 2 teraops CPU cluster, consistuting one of the most advanced cybernetic "brains" ever devised for a servomech. It is capable of being programmed for a wide variety of complex mechanical, technological, custodial and laboratory tasks. Although it is not primarily designed as a defensive weapon, it has programmable security capabilities, and thus can be used both as a secondary defensive measure in high-security areas, and as a primary defensive tool in less-sensitive technical and industrial facilities.[3]

The Android is very expensive and has no offensive strength. It can be extremely useful in an emergency, but it is not to be used primarily for defensive purposes.[2]


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