When Darkside Station was first established as a penal colony, all lunars were gainfully employed, carefully screened WEC professionals. The discontented majority among the Conscript population was inaccessible to the Resistance and recruitment was difficult to the point of impossibility. The organization of a traditional, active Resistance cell has been a slow and dangerous process, but the beachhead has been established, forming a full-time Resistance garrison on Luna.

A crucial recruiting base for the Resistance, measuring th 3% of the non-conscript personnel, are those who completed their sentences and work for the LMC. Their numbers are expected to continue to swell over the next several years.


It was composed of one officer outside WEC citizenship, a small unit of guerrilla forces trained, active and on-call at all times, and a large intelligence network.

Despite the absence of secure communications, the network was so efficient that worked around the problem of transmitting reports to Central by smuggling them, or encrypting through public information networks. While maintaining its general readiness and crisis management, it aimed to recruiting in order to augment its forces, and cultivate deep sleeper operatives in the LMC leadership.


Other than the active Resistance cell, there is also some informal, passive and subtle resistance among the conscripts, albeit highly efficient, dedicated to undermining WEC authority and productivity. They use all means necessary to ensure that cooperation and production among the conscripts remains at the absolute minimum possible without arousing active LMC retaliation, from causing minor industrial sabotage, to occasional anti-personnel actions against specific SecCar targets. Central estimates a 10-20% reduction in productivity, being the main reason for the 7.9% deficiency in worldwide Di-Cor demand and WEC's current "Di-Cor crisis".

Although any flow (information or goods) in and out of the conscript population is effectively controlled by the SecCart, there are some "leaks" with the outside world, like black market. As a result a few operations, with high risk and difficulty, have been successfully coordinated through the prison population. The informal conscript resistance acts mostly independently.[1]

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