Luna is the name of the moon as colonized by the WEC. The radioactive Di-Cor is mined there by the Lunar Mining Cartel, used for heat and power.

Citizens/partners of the WEC are usually engineers, administrators, senior technicians and security personnel of proven skill and reliability. They live in a luxurious enclave near Lunar Mining Cartel headquarters.

Facilities include first-rate schools, low-g recreational areas, centrifugal gyms for sports activities and kid-proof security. Iffies are enjoyed at the Colony Auditorium and the Comprehensive Recreational Facility is expected to be completed by 2200. All hazardous areas are sealed off except to workers.

Survival is ensured in absolute trust with one another and, even more importantly, with the WEC, which invests in their welfare and supplies them with all the necessities for continued existence. They consider a debt to exceed production quotas, increase efficiency and justify its continued investment.

77% of lunar personnel (shaft gangs and general tech crews) are rehabilitory conscripts, who live in austere dormitories. The two populations are kept far apart, except on the job. Those may display the unscientific republican propaganda to the citizen/parners, endangering the productivity and life-giving bond of trust between the colony and the WEC.