Gregor Hoffman
Political information
Affiliation WEC
Rank Scientist
Other information
Actor Edwin Neal

Gregor Hoffman is a scientist working for the WEC, ambitious, amoral and somehow delusional. He enjoys using Resistance prisoners as guinea-pigs for his experiments, like the "mind probe" project. He is the mastermind of another project, aimed at creating the perfect soldier: he genetically engineered at least one batch of troopers which are supposed to be the newest members of the Silencer Corps (and may have created an earlier one, of which the Captain may have been a member).

According to WEC propaganda, Hoffman was a brilliant scientist working for the good of humanity, founder of the Chernobyl Panel on scientific ethics, and inventor of the Embryotic Rescue process, and was working in the Critical Care unit of a Seattle hospital.[1]

In the WEC's annual Global Cybernetics Forum, held in early May 2196 in Perth. Dr. Hoffman made an exciting speech about biomechanical enhancements for military and security purposes.[2]

He first seen conducting brain experiments on Resistance prisoners. When the Captain reaches him in his lab (with code 992) he first thinks it is Doyle, then he is angry with Doyle for allowing Doyle letting a Silencer to distract him. Then he realised he is a Resistance agent and mocked him by saying that the prisoners will be not in use for the Resistance any more. He then ran away through a door and sealed it with a force field.[3]

Hoffman appears again with Senator Everett Snell before Nathaniel Draygan discussing the Vigilance Platform, reassuring that its success would help the WEC maintain its status quo. Draygan hoped Hoffman's new project would bemore successful than others.[4]

As the first group of this batch of his Silencer project approaches physical maturity in their vats, there is a raid in the Consortium research center. He sees again The Captain and "welcomes" him inviting him to return to the fold. Only to be shot by the Captain who took his access keycard. His last thoughts are that the world will mourn his death.[5]


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