Template:Item infobox The Graviton shield is an energy shield that operates as a localized space-time distortion that surrounds the wearer. It is built into a special undergarment vest worn beneath clothes or into rigid armor.[1][2] The particles are fed through a field-shaping lens, especially personalized to conform to the user's body while moving.[3]

No known kinetic or electromagnetic force short of the megaton range can penetrate this field. It is highly experimental, and the expense and extreme power drain of this shield makes it impractical for general issue. It is only used for VIP protection and special missions.[1][3][2] An enhanced model prototype is on the drawing terminal.[3]

It is effective againsta: AC-88, SG-A1, BA-40, BA-41, PA-21, PA-31, PL-1, RP-22, RP-32, EM-4 and UV-9.[3]


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