Appears in mission(s) 12 - 15[1]
Hit points 180 - 240[1]
Skill Deadly [1]
Primary weapon PL-1,[2][3] UV-9 laser[1]
Secondary weapon AC-88,[2][3] GL-303 grenade launcher[1]
Defenses plasma shield[1][2][3]

Enforcers are the cream of the WEC's conventional forces. These elite soldiers are second only to Silencers in effectiveness.[1] Armed with PL-1 or even AC-88 they are extremely deadly.[3][2]

Those who apply for Enforcer status must receive five unsolicited recommendations from their superiors and attain 99th-percentile scores on the annual marksmanship exams. Those chosen undergo 5 years of rigorous training in the IEPU.[1]

They are assigned to protect the most valuable of assets and personnel. Each Enforcer represents years of training and millions of credit (and the Resistance sees the death of each a measurable blow to the Consortium). Enforcers are not allowed to have any contact with the civilian world, including marriage contracts.[1]

These elite soldiers are considered disposable only whenever sensitive intelligence might be compromised, being ordered to fight to the death and avoid capture at any cost. They patrol singly or in groups, but even one is deadly.[3] No Enforcers have ever been detained by the Resistance.[1]


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