Echo Base is a Resistance unit. It is made out of an abandoned subway junction. It houses a commando unit for guerrilla attacks against the WEC. The CO is Stephon Ely.

Members of the unit include

It also includes a Teleporter to a mission, a video mail, a kill board, a Power Station, a Health Station and footlockers.


The Resistance base map was made last in production, right before the video shoot. Terry drew a map only to aid the set builders to film the intermission cutscene videos.

A lot of existing pieces (found also in the government settings or in a refinery) were used which tied the scenery into the rest of the area. The map was built almost identical to what the sketch artist envisioned. There weren't generic pieces but rather individual floor tiles that went in specific locations, custom made shadows and stains. As a result it looks much richer than any of the other maps of the game.