DOMO, better known as the Asian Alliance, was the first true economic power of a multinational affiliation in the world. Earlier attempts (such as the Common Market, League of Arabic States or NAFTA) met with little success within the global community.

DOMO was the world leader, but after a long battle over scandal and corruption, China left the Alliance, making the North American Alliance the new world leader.

Sometime after 2067 DOMO made their first venture in space, launching an Orbiting Industrial Platform. This was followed by many ones.

In 2098 DOMO established the first permanent lunar colony, a source of minerals which were processed in the DOMO OIPs. This was the first full scale extra-terrestrial mode of production in history.

When the League of Arab States declared bankruptcy in 2109, DOMO coveted their former territories and engaged into a proxy war against the Europa Economic Interest. Although the war crippled DOMO financially, it emerged victorious

The war weakened DOMO for the next decade, but after the New Russian Republic of States were divided in 2112, the easternmost provinces voted to join the Asian Alliance, including Pasternak's main spaceport. However Pasternak's OIP opted to join the EEI and its OIP fleet.

By 2147 DOMO's economic empire began to fall. Under this burden, DOMO conceded to join other coglomerations (the last to do so) in order to form a super coglomeration, the World Economic Consortium, in 2150.[1]


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