Usualy found working in partnership with Crusader CD, crusader zorvy is to many, the leader of the crusader clan and the best player they have.


Joining XBOX shortly after Crusader CD, crusader zorvy used a diffrent name layout to CD for unknow reasons, thus starting the first revolution of the Crusader Clan, since which all members have been titled with a five letter word and no capital letters as a pose to using enitials.

It was through crusader zorvy that crusader golem came to join the Crusader clan, and thorough him, most of the other members. it is because of this, and the revolutionary Crusader Title Change that to many, makes crusader zorvy a very highly respected member of the crusader clan.


  • crusader zorvy is named after a Duel Masters playing card (Zorvath, the bonecrusher)
  • On World Of Warcraft, zorvy goes by the title Zorvyus as one of the joint leaders of a guild named sick of it all. His primary character is a warrior named zorvyus.