Crusader CD is the founding member of the Crusader Clan, and is also the only remaining Crusader to use the original Crusader Gamertag Layout with the word "Crusader" spelt with a capital C, and then initials of names placed in capitals after "CD". Despite being the first to be titled Crusader, CD is not considered to be one of the highest ranking for all clan members, with crusader golem and crusader zorvy proving rather equal players and more reliable teamates. CD is usualy found in battle with crusader Zorvy, making them their own sub-team.


CD retrieved his first xbox at some point between 2006 and 2009, upon doing so, was required to create a Gamertag to use when playing in online games. Using the XBOX name generator, he discovered the name Crusader and then placed the initials of him and his cousin's name (at the time, Craig and David) CD, thus completing his Gamertag as Crusader CD.

Shortly after, Crusader CD was joined online by his friend, crusader zorvy. Since Zorvy's introduction to the clan, Crusaders since have been named using the "5 letter word" rule, as a pose to the "real name enitials" rule. it is because of this, Zorvy is now considered one of the highest ranking members of the clan along with Crusader CD, and despite this, the pair are still known to battle souly in partnership with each other.