Shannon Brooks
The spy had to get out a signal with Wizard's gear. Staked out his station. Caught Vargas trying to contact her Consortium pals and she tried to make a break for it. She slammed me into that transporter beam. I'm coming to in their lock-up. The place is crawling with Troopers. There`s no way out! But I should have been here! These people were my, my friends,... family. See, they were all I had left after the Consortium made Petra a paperweight. I'd figured it out quicker! I should have been with my people...


Quentin Maxis
Central confirmed that the Vigilance Platform is now totally independent and fully operational. Draygan has informed all cities that they have 24 hours in which to comply with Consortium strictures, or face total annihilation. If we do not act now, the Resistance is doomed. All attempts to contact your unit directly have failed. I am assuming that this is further work of the saboteur. Our only chance to stop the Consortium's plans is to attack the Platform directly. You are to teleport to the Hawking Space Center. The final shuttle is to depart in less than two hours. Once you have secured the shuttle, we will transport soldiers to your location. You will be their leader during the assault. Maxis, out.


  • Take shuttle to Vigilance Platform


Professor T. Rooney:

I need to talk to you right away. Come to my office. The code is:800 signed: Senator J.W. Gault III

End of Message <

ATTENTION ALL GUARDS: The passcode to the office area has been changed to: 459. End of Message <

NOTICE: The impassable laser field has been activated. All guards needing to get through can use passcode: 698. End of Message <

The New Extra-Special Super Secret passcode is now :0. end of Message <


Quentin Maxis
Captain, the Consortium has shut down the power grid in your area. We cannot complete the troop transfer, nor can we extract you. Worse, that entire Sector has also been taken off-line. Your only avenue of escape is in the shuttle. There's no turning back. Central will feed mission objectives to your DataLink. Take out the Vigilance Platform, Captain; you're the only chance we have. Maxis, out.
Shannon Brooks
I've patched this unit to get a ComLink, Captain. Wizard hit Vargas with a tracker before she shot him. Central confirms the tracker's location. It looks like she caught a shuttle out. Now she's... ...on the Vigilance Platform. When you see her, put a bullet between her eyes for me. And, eh.. by the way... Thanks. Brooks, out.