Quentin Maxis: First, let me say welcome to the Resistance, Captain. I'm sure you realize that Central thinks you're a spy. but I've reviewed your tapes and I think I understand you. Enough so that I've persuaded Central to give you a chance. One shot, to prove your sudden change of heart. You will lead an attack to take a Consortium refinery off-line, Permanently! An informant will provide you with a security card that will allow you entrance into the facility. Your main objective is the thermal coupler on level 4. Once you have placed the PAC, our extraction specialist will give you the coordinates of the nearest teleport pad. Consult your DataLink if you have any further questions. Good luck. Maxis, out.


  1. Gain keycard from rebel informant
  2. Locate Thermal Coupler on level four and destroy objective with BlastPac.


Joseph Wilmar: Here's a security card to get you past level three. Watch out on level four though, there are a lot of Mechs. Tell Central to find someone else to handle the meetings. I'm jeopardizing my cover by being here. I'm just a scientist. People are getting suspicious back at the lab. Hurry! The guards are coming!

Troy Reaves: Mission accomplished. Nice job, Tin Man! I'm the Wizard, with your ticket out of here. Fire up your servos and get to the teleport pad on level 4. I had to rewire transport grids for three whole Sectors. I can't guarantee if I'll be able to hold it for long. So you'd best be quick. Wizard, out.