The BA-40 Patriot is a semiautomatic pistol. Its chassis is molded and constructed of ballistic-grade plastics and the barrel, trigger and other metal parts, are made of non-ferrous alloys.[1]

It is the standard-issue sidearm for all WEC armed services[1] replacing the obsolete BA-20 in 2191. All employees during their initial enlistment period complete a handgun safety course. The Patriot is presented upon request or during all scheduled or unscheduled inspections.[2] Guards are armed only with a BA-40.[3]

It fires a caseless .40 shell and normally mounts a 20-round internal magazine.[1]

There are few modifications of this model for varying amunition types, accomodated by cartridge and barrel adapters.[2]

BA-41 is a variant of BA-40.


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