Allen Denning
Birth 2160.7.6, Liverpool
Height 172 cm
Weight 82 kg
Hair color brown
Eye color brown
Political information
ID# 4F-16DT-2729-EXX
Affiliation Resistance
Rank Civilian
Other information

Allen Denning was born in Liverpool. He was a high school student in Sydney. When he was 18 years old, he and four younger school friends vandalized a food processing plant, causing 40,000 cr damage. They were caught and convicted, and Denning was sentenced on 79.2.2 to 5 years hard labor. His friends, being under 18, were sentenced to local work/detention facilities.

2 years into his sentence, a fellow prisoner (as Denning would later claim) incorrectly thought, that Denning had informed on him for smuggling narcotics into prison. He attacked Denning and Denning killed him in self-defense. As a result his sentence was extended for years. In 91.4 he was transferred to Luna. During his sentence he was befriended by an LMC administrator, who was a Resistance sympathizer. He also suffered Di-Cor poisoning.

Upon his release, the administrator offered to train him as a shuttle pilot. Eventually he was introduced to the Lunar Resistance movement. As a pilot, he was a trusted operative for smuggling and courier operations.

In '95.5 he was diagnosed with untreatable leukemia because of his exposure to Di-Cor, expected not to leave beyond 2197. Nonetheless he insists operating for the Resistance as long as he remains physically able.[1]

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