Type Anti-Personnel Platform
Physical/technical characteristics
Hit Points 250[1]
Weapon RP-32 rifle[1]
Secondary Weapon SG-A1 shotgun[1]
Skill Deadly[1]
Other information
Appearances 3 - 15[1]

The AP-4210 aka Thermatron is a mobile anti-personnel weapons platform servomech developed by the Security Cartel and Cybernetics Cartel. It was the first authorized for civilian requisition and became the most popular military-grade security platform in the world.

It is the followup of the APP-4100 and still one of the most effective combat servomechs available.[2]

It is designed to mount a variety of light-to-medium armaments while maximizing mobility and combat versatility. Common weapon loadouts are a RP-32 or SG-A1 mount and as such the Thermatron functions mainly in an anti-infantry role.

With the arrival of its successor, the AP-4400, production stopped and it is planned that over the next 5 years the AP-4210 will be phased out entirely and completely replaced by the AP-4400.

The AP-4210 and the AP-4400, represent the acclaimed 4000 series of anti-personnel security platforms and are excellent cornerstones for WEC site defense, provided that they are balanced with a human defense force.

The Thermatron uses a chemical battery.[3]


  • The strategy guides and manuals of both games give this Servomech a different designation. In Crusader: No Remorse the Thermatron is described in the WEC manual as the AP-4210 which has been succeeded by the AP-4400 Vetron. However, in the strategy guide for No Regret the Thermatron is designated the APP-4400 (also note the extra P) while the Vetron is described as the APP-4210. Also the Vetron is described as one of the oldest servomechs in production whereas the Thermatron replaces the older APP-4100.


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