Nickname Reaper
Type Projectile
Physical/technical characteristics
Weight 3.25k[1]
Range 20m[1]
Rate of fire 6/second[1]
Other information

AC-88 Reaper is a Riot Gun, one of the most devastating anti-personnel weapons in the WEC arsenal.[2][3][1]

It is a more devastating variation on the SG-A1 with an improved semiautomatic action. The addition of a Teflon-lined barrel allows it to be fired at more than twice (6 shots/second) the rate of the SG-A1.[1][2][3]

It is especially effective in indoor areas. A laser telescopic sight increases accuracy by approximately 10%.[3]

They are commonly used to dispel rioting crowds, often carried by compound perimeter guards.[3] It is also carried by Enforcers.[4]


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